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The Drums...A banda de indie-pop, vinda de Brooklyn, vai lançar em Setembro o seu novo álbum, "Encyclopedia", após três anos de afastamento e desintegração do grupo. O vocalista, Jacob Graham, assumiu estar preparado para voltarem aos palcos, fazendo renascer o espírito musical a que nos habituaram. Finalmente! Já tínhamos saudades. 

The Drums...the indie-pop music band, coming from Brooklyn, will launch in September their new album, "Encyclopedia", after three years of separation and disintegration of the group. The leader singer, Jacob Graham, assumed to be prepared to return to the stage, reviving the musical spirit that we all know. Finally! We missed you, guys.

Encyclopedia track list:
1. "Magic Mountain"
2. "I Can't Pretend"
3. "I Hope Times Doesn't Change Him"
4. "Kiss Me Again"
5. "Let Me"
6. "Break My Heart"
7. "Face Of God"
8. "U.S. National Park"
9. "Deep In My Heart"
10. "Bell Laboratories"
11. "There Is Nothing Left"
12. "Wild Geese"

We'll always have Paris #6

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Uma tarde passada no Centro Pompidou. Um lugar repleto de exposições artísticas interessantes e surpreendentes. 

One afternoon spent at Centre Pompidou, a place full of amazing art exhibitions. 

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